Carla Klein

October 8 – November 15, 2003

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is pleased to present Carla Klein’s third solo exhibition of new paintings with the gallery. Comprised of several large-scale paintings, each realized in the artist’s azure green liquid palette, Klein's paintings feature dynamic compositions based upon anonymous passageways, architectural structures and landscapes. Abstraction and hyper-realism are fused, as painterly brushstrokes precisely represent liquid skyscapes and the watery depths of a swimming pool and sharp flat geometric planes double as artifacts from digital image transfers. Conceptually, they blur the border between painting and photography as Klein puts forth images that straddle the worlds of reality and fiction.

At once expressionistic and emotionless, the works are primarily devoid of the figure, or any clear living presence, yet the paintings reflect artifacts of life and movement. Images of the sky, swimming pools, stairs, airplane landing strips, and nighttime Nordic landscapes reference transit and motion. The paintings thus represent the ‘non-place’, points of departure, or concepts of form, that become filtered through the abstract construction of the artist’s brushwork. This transition leads the work into a dynamic realm of suggested subject matter that includes fantasy and science fiction. But the images more directly reflect the artist’s own photographic sources, and as one moves from painting to painting, the group can be nearly be read as a travelogue – an existential journey wherein end points become irrelevant. While Carla Klein’s palette may be initially perceived as monochromatic - based upon a cool, blue and green - the tones and shades achieved within this limited spectrum are near infinite upon closer inspection. A similar tension is set up between the minimal, architectural forms which structure each painting, and the sheer painterliness of the brushstrokes and expressionistic drips that serve to construct them.

Carla Klein will be featured in a major group exhibition in 2004 at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. Recent group shows of Klein's work includes, Mirrors, The foundry, London and Troublespot. Painting, at SMAK, Gent.

This exhibition is made possible through generous support from the Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam, for the advancement of the visual arts, design and museums.