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Charles Long and Stereolab
The Amorphous Body Study Center
25 February - 25 March 1995
Charles Long and Stereolab - Exhibitions
Charles Long and Stereolab - Exhibitions
Press Release

The Sculptural work of Charles Long has been a preoccupation with mass and form that operates as a stand in for the concept of self. The works are often executed in rubber or plastic which enables the forms to take on a biological familiarity without ever specifically identifying itself. They become psychological models for the in between states of being, exploring concepts of wholeness and attachment. The present project is a collaboration with the band Stereolab and will be a further development of these ideas. The sculptures are amorphous bodies that will be employed as distributors for the audio works created by the band. As with his previous works there is a stylistic uncertainty in the work evoking forgotten pop styles as well as the sci-­‐fi distortions of contemporary film effects.

Charles Long has been working and exhibiting in New York since 1981 and has had several solo shows in Los Angeles at Daniel Weinberg gallery. He has recently received awards from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation as well as the National Endowment for the Arts.