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Peggy Preheim
Passing Glances
13 January - 10 February 1996
13 January - 10 February 1996 - Passing Glances - Peggy Preheim - Exhibitions
13 January - 10 February 1996 - Passing Glances - Peggy Preheim - Exhibitions
Press Release

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is pleased to present Peggy Preheim's first exhibition with the gallery.
The show will consist of new sculptures and drawings that are uncanny in the best sense - strong,
strange, and true. The meticulously realized drawings are objects in and of themselves, with a
graphite build-up that reveals the time and care of their making. The clay sculptures, inspired by
her collection of dolls, morph into something innocent or terrifying at any moment. Clearly
potent and finely made, the sculptures reside in and out of varyingly shaped glass vitrines.
Complex in its output, rife with associations and possible interpretations, Preheim's figures are strangely familiar and intimately foreign.

Following are relevant passages of inspiration relating to the exhibition that have been compiled by the artist:

...softly your forehead bleeds,
Ancient legends
And dark augury of the flight of birds.
- Trakl
* * *

Haunting, delicate, wounded figures composed of white clay and pink bisque rest from their
rituals, prayers, and dances. Sister/brother gaze at each other with nocturnal eyes and speak
with lunar voice.
- L.H.
* * *
Night envelops the brow once more amid lunar stones;
And a radiant youth
The sister appears amid autumn and black corruption.
- Trakl
* * *
The unborn - the liquid children - all white with fetal fantasy arrange themselves in vectored
silhouettes of dawn.
- L.H.
* * *
Silver, against a bare wall, a child's skeleton smashes.
- Trakl