Analia Saban

Getty Conservation Institute
February 15, 2018

Analia Saban explores her art, materials, fabrication processes and working methods, as well as her thoughts on conservation. Analia Saban was born in Buenos Aires and lives and works in Los Angeles. She is engaged in a profound yet witty exploration of the essence and boundaries of art. Her work is in dialogue with a history of art that she both deeply respects and irreverently questions. Her engagement with the tools and materials of art making is intense and playful; she exposes and stretches their properties to their limits and subverts their traditional use. In doing so, her work blurs the lines between painting and sculpture, imagery and objecthood and establishes intimate connections between art and everyday objects.    Because her work is experimental in nature, longevity and conservation are often in the forefront of Saban’s her thoughts. She is also acutely aware of the complexity of conservation issues in contemporary art: “I feel the approach in conservation is such an endless question and sometimes I have an answer and then I wake the next day and I think something else. . .I don’t know how I will feel fifty years from now.”