Tomás Saraceno

THE SHED | Conversations on Environmental Justice
August 2, 2020

Artist Tomás Saraceno and medical writer Harriet A. Washington have a conversation around air quality and environmental racism in relation to the pandemic, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Bronx-based urban designer Oscar Oliver-Didier that includes the voices of New York City activists Mychal Johnson, a co-founding member of South Bronx Unite, and Leslie Velasquez, an environmental justice coordinator for El Puente.

Saraceno’s most recent artwork interprets data from a commonly used pollution monitor machine called the BAM (beta attenuation monitor), which has provided compelling evidence to confirm the disproportionate distribution of pollution in communities of color and can be used to further amplify environmental justice issues through visually accessible data. Intended for all ages, climate justice organizers from groups including South Bronx Unite and El Puente will also join the conversation.