Tomás Saraceno

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow | Moving Atmospheres
December 1, 2020

Tomás Saraceno’s talk will focus on the history of the interdisciplinary community known as Aerocene and his other projects devoted to the exploration of the Earth’s atmosphere.


Curator Iaroslav Volovod and Tomás Saraceno will discuss the meaning of the artist’s project Moving Atmospheres, which is currently displayed at Garage, in the context of the aeronautics of the future. More than a work of art, Moving Atmospheres is a working prototype for a balloon that is able to float fuelled only by the wind and the heat of the sun.


Tomás Saraceno will speak about the history and development of the Aerocene community, which he founded. Community participants around the world work to develop new sensibilities and design the future based on an ethical relationship with our environment, free from the limitations of today and dependency on fossil fuels.