Amalia Pica

Museum Haus Konstruktiv : So Far So Close – Things we want to know from ...
December 9, 2020

Sabine Schaschl in conversation with the artist Amalia Pica | Zurich Art Prize 2020 | Museum Haus Konstruktiv | Video: In the second installment of our new series "So Far So Close – Things we want to know from …", director Sabine Schaschl met the winner of the 2020 Zurich Art Prize for a talk.


Amalia Pica provides insight into her work and the process of creating her current exhibition "Round table (and other forms)" at Museum Haus Konstruktiv. The talk with this British-Argentine artist was recorded without an audience on the day before the exhibition opened, on 28 October, at the museum. Amalia Pica's solo show will be on view until 17 January 2021 at Museum Haus Konstruktiv.