Ernesto Neto: ChantDance for Chiang Rai: Thailand Biennale: The Open World, Chiang Rai, Thailand

2023年12月9日 - 2024年4月30日

For the third Thailand Biennale Ernesto Neto presents ChantDance for Chiang Rai, a circular crochet net made with recycled fibers and hung from 16 bamboo posts, the sculpture provides a meditation and communion environment, attuned to the local context in its materials and construction methods. The network wraps around ceramic vases and visitors can play a central galvanized steel drum, dangling droplets filled with spices add a synesthetic dimension to the experience.




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Ernesto Neto, ChantDance for Chiang Rai at The Thailand Biennial, 2023. © Ernesto Neto