Charles Long: MINIMAL SURFACES_OCEAN OF HOURS: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York

February 25 - April 7, 2012
Installation Views
Press release

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is pleased to present the ninth solo exhibition of new sculpture by Charles Long. In this inventive body of work, Long shares with the viewer his search for rich experiences that are unique to abstract sculpture. Through the exploration of new processes and materials, Long endeavors to arrive at spatially and visually engaging works that aim to offer the viewer an open experience by eschewing external reference. These lively and poetic forms continue the formal language Long has been building for decades.


The origin of any one of Long's sculptures might be traced back to some aimless doodle within the evolutionary soup of sketches that pile up in the studio. As the artist alternates from pencil and paper to torch and steel rods, these fledgling apparitions prompt the growth of a threedimensional steel skeleton. Long then considers the many potential surfaces that could evolve within the artwork's unique scaffolding. Using a resin made from soy and peanuts, he then materializes a form from the numerous potential surfaces that wait unseen within the various perimeters of the steel framework.

All installation images above: Photo by Jean Vong