Sabine Hornig: La Guardia Vistas: La Guardia Airport, New York

July 1, 2020 - July 1, 2040
Installation Views
Press release

Altering our perception of the urban landscape, Sabine Hornig’s La Guardia Vistas is a transparent photo-collage filling an expansive 42-foot-high, 268-footwide glass façade along the front of the new terminal visible from the building's exterior. Upon entering the interior of the building, sunlight passing through the work immerses visitors in a kaleidoscopic wash of color, image, and text. The highly detailed composition merges over 1100 photographs of New York City taken by Hornig from Queens and Manhattan in the fall, 2019. Two interlocking cityscapes emerge, with buildings pictured in twilight shades of blue reaching up to meet inverted skyscrapers that reflect the golden morning sun. The work’s title refers to Fiorello La Guardia, founder of the airport and New York City Mayor from 1934 to 1945; 20 quotes by and about him are featured in the work. La Guardia Vistas is installed in the passageway connecting the Arrivals and Departures Hall to the Terminal B parking garage.