Tomás Saraceno: Event Horizon: Cisternerne, Copenhagen

June 2, 2020 - November 30, 2021
Installation Views
Press release

Taking the unique environment of Cisternerne as his starting point, Saraceno has created a spectacular project which is different from everything he has presented so far. The water that perpetually seeps through the concrete structure of Cisternerne forms a calm sea underground, and the exhibition must be experienced by boat. The visitor is invited on a peculiar journey among the colonnades of Cisternerne. Here, various works of art reveal themselves as you rally out and move into an unknown darkness.  


Throughout his artistic praxis Saraceno has explored alternative forms of life and dwelling based on studies in everything from spiders to astrophysics, philosophy and engineering.   

It is a longtime  dream coming true when Tomás Saraceno takes over  Cisternerne in 2020” tells museum director Astrid la Cour. “For Saraceno the processes of  nature is a limitless source of inspiration, and the transforming potential of nature is ubiquitous in Cisternerne, which is why Saraceno and Cisternerne are a perfect match.”