Tomás Saraceno: How to Entangle the Universe in a Spider Web

Philip Ball, Félix Bruzzone, José Emilio Burucúa, Florencia Fernández Campón, Mauricio Corbalán, Carlos Gamerro, Alejandro Gangui, Diego Golombek, Laura Isola, Alex Jordan, Caroline A. Jones, Mylène Ferrand Lointier, Matthew Lutz, Derek McCormack, Victori, 2018
Publisher: Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

ISBN: 9789871358526

Dimensions: 31 x 34cm

pages: 220 pages

How to Entangle the Universe in a Spider Web delves into the interdisciplinary work and research that went into Tomás Saraceno’s first major exhibition at an Argentinian institution. Presented at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires this exhibition was comprised of two large installations: The Cosmic Dust Spider Web Orchestra and Quasi-Social Musical Instrument IC342 Built by 7000 Parawixia bistriata – Six Months. The catalogue contains contributions from a range of experts in the fields of geography, biology, arachnology, architecture, and ornithology, in addition to art historians, critics and conservators.