Haim Steinbach: Object and Display

Tom Eccles, Beatrix Ruf, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Johanna Burton, Germano Celant, 2016

Publisher: Gregory R Miller Co.

ISBN: 9781941366028

Dimensions: 9 x 11 in

pages: 250 pages
Primarily known for his paradigmatic “shelves” displaying everyday objects, Haim Steinbach (born 1944) has developed a practice that evolved from early minimalist painting with grids and monochromes to later large-scale installations that have seldom been seen in the US.

Growing out of a traveling exhibition that featured works drawn from throughout Steinbach’s career, as well as archival materials and new site-specific installations, Object and Display urges readers to take a closer look at this seminal artist’s works. Hundreds of full-color illustrations document the exhibition, which included photographs, models and recreations from past works, along with photography of the site-specific installations that appeared at each institution. New essays by writers Johanna Burton and Germano Celant explore the evolution of Steinbach’s practice and his investigations into what constitutes an art object and how art and objects are displayed