Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler: Sound Speed Marker

Fairfax Dorn, Anne Ellegood, Inka Graeve Ingelmann, Jeffrey Kastner, Seán Kissane, Claudia Schmuckli, 2015

Publisher: Ballroom Marfa.

ISBN: 9781938922824

Dimensions: 12 × 9.5 × 1.1 inches

pages: 262 pages

Sound Speed Marker focuses on Hubbard / Birchler's recent trilogy of video installations--Grand Paris Texas (2009), Movie Mountain (Méliès) (2011) and Giant (2014)--which explore the physical conditions and social character of the cinematic experience, with particular respect to film's relationship to place and the kinds of traces movies leave behind. Published on the occasion of the touring exhibition Sound Speed Marker presented at Ballroom Marfa, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and the Blaffer Museum of Art at the University of Houston, this richly illustrated volume includes all three components of Hubbard / Birchler's newest trilogy, as well as related photography and sculpture. Four essays and an interview with the artists contribute new scholarship in examining the genesis of the works.