Ernesto Neto: Cuddle on the Tightrope

Nasher Sculpture Center
Jed Morse, Jeremy Strick, 2012

Publisher: Nasher Sculpture Center

ISBN: 0-9741221-6-5

Dimensions: 9 x 9 in

Pages: 48 pages

Often working on the scale of architecture, internationally-renowned Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto creates experiential environments that dramatically alter our surroundings, engage the senses, and invite interaction. For his exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center in 2012, Neto continued his exploration of elevated environments and crochet, adding a new element of a complex, interlocking framework of metal structural supports. 

A richly illustrated scholarly essay by Nasher Chief Curator, Jed Morse, provides the reader with a detailed narrative of Neto’s career and color images of many of the artist’s past installations offer readers a glimpse of the artist’s productions leading up to his installation at the Nasher Sculpture Center.