Thomas Scheibitz: About 90 Elements

Text by Enrique Juncosa, Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith, Rachael Thomas, Jenni Lomax, Hans Ulrich Obrist., 2008

Publisher: Richter Verlag

ISBN: 9783937572826

Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 in.

Pages: 228

Reviewing a 2006 exhibition of the Berlin-based artist Thomas Scheibitz's work in The New York Times, Roberta Smith wrote, "Stylish and cool, the work... continues to violate the borders between abstraction and representation, painting and sculpture, art and other visual culture. His sculptures resemble architectural models or fragments of logos; his paintings are vaguely figurative. Both seem derived from some outside source, and display a flexible faith in form's infinite allusiveness and consequent ability to inspire free-form reverie." This volume presents Scheibitz's pictorial archive, compiled from a vast range of pictures found in newspapers, magazines, films and cartoons, as well as our collective memory. In making this material available, Scheibitz gives readers a tool to draw many conclusions about his artistic methods in painting and sculpture.