Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other

Text by Richard Flood, Paulo Herkenhoff, Lars Bang Larsen, Yasmil Raymond, Racheal Thomas., 2011


ISBN: 9780915557936

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in

Pages: 244

Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander (born 1967) joyously embraces all genres from painting and sculpture to film and photography, installation and collaborative actions. Whether gathering anonymously created objects from bars and restaurants, or installing continually dripping buckets in a forest, her art is ultimately about being alive and responsive. Some of Neuenschwander's best-known works are collaborations with the public: "I Wish Your Wish" enables visitors to select from hundreds of wishes those they hope will come true, in exchange leaving new wishes behind; in "First Love," visitors are invited to describe the face of their first love to a forensic artist. A Day Like Any Other is the artist's first full-length monograph.