Ernesto Neto: Sopro (Blow)

Jochen Volz, Valéria Piccoli, 2018

Publisher: Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

ISBN: 9788582561096

Pages: 157

Curated by Jochen Volz and Valéria Piccoli, respectively director and chief-curator of the museum, the retrospective brings together 60 works by one of the most prominent names in contemporary sculpture. Since the beginning of his career, in the 1980s, the artist has been producing a body of work that sets in motion a dialogue between the exhibition space and the various dimensions of the spectator. Bringing into play his unique comprehension of Neo-Concrete heritage, Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) unfolds his initial sculptures elaborated from materials such as polyamide stockings, polystyrene spheres, spices and herbs into large, interactive and immersive installations that proposes to the spectator a space for conviviality, for taking a breath and for fostering consciousness and awareness.