Mark Dion: Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy

David Lomas, Anna Dezeuze, Julia Kelly, 2018

Publisher: Book WORKS, London.

ISBN: 9781906012915

Dimensions: 238 x 127.5mm

pages: 128 pages

Recalling the short-lived Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes of 1924−1925 − part information centre and ‘public relations’ office, and part surrealist archive − Mark Dion trawled through the Manchester Museum’s own collections and found the raw material for this book and a new installation for the museum.

The original publication designed by Axis has long been out of print but In February 2018 to coincide with a solo exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, Book Works reprinted it in a new revised print format.

Originally published in 2005 as part of Book Works Opus Projects (Opus 4) by Book Works and The AHRB Research Centre for the Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies in association with Alchemy/The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester.