Sandra Cinto: Acaso E Necessidade (Chance and Necessity)

Yuki Kondo, Laura R. Colkitt, Miguel Chaia, 2017

Publisher: Ateliê Fidalga, São Paulo.

Pages: 172 pages

The catalogue document the creation process and exhibition of the series Chance and Necessity: three mixed-media canvases that feature the representation of large bodies of blue water that spreads to nearly the entire area of the canvas. "To fashion of the works, Cinto first spilled thinned blue acrylic paint onto stretched watercolor canvases. She then lifted and tilted the canvases to let the wash flow freely, before drying in place. Cinto gradually built up the pigment layer by layer, increasing the hue's depth with the progressive addition of color."-Page 75.

The volume also includes photographs of the artist in her studio, her production and previous exhibitions. Text in English and Portuguese.