Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg: Beneath the Cultured Grounds, Secrets Await: SONGEUN Art Space, Seoul, Korea

May 17 - July 13, 2024
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Press release

SONGEUN proudly presents a solo exhibition, Beneath the Cultivated Grounds, Secrets Await by Swedish artist duo Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, collaborating as guest curator is Mario Mainetti. This exhibition marks their first presentation in Korea in 15 years since their installation of Turn into Me, which was held at Prada Transformer in 2009. 

Nathalie Djurberg’s artistic journey began at the Malmö Art Academy, where her fascination with storytelling and narrative took root. Influenced by fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, Djurberg’s early explorations laid the foundation for the fantastical worlds she and Berg would later create together. Hans Berg, with his background in electronic music, brought a unique sonic dimension to their collaborative projects, enhancing the immersive experience of their animated and walkable stories.

The original clay and charcoal animation realized in stop- motion—a cinematic technique in which physical objects are manipulated frame by frame to create the illusion of movement—remains central to Djurberg and Berg’s practice. Bringing another dimension to the exhibition, the inclusion of installations and sculptures creates an environment that engages the viewer on a physical and sensory level, heightening the artists’ macabre and enchanting narratives.

Stop motion allows Djurberg and Berg the flexibility to work with a wide range of materials, from clay to cloth, puppets, and everyday objects. The variety, imperfections, and textures of the materials used contribute to the warmth that distinguishes their videos from other forms of animation. The meticulous nature of stop-motion requires immense dedication from Nathalie Djurberg; the production process is far slower compared to the rhythm of contemporary video production. However, the result is a work of art that stands out in the digital age and has gained worldwide recognition.

Born in 1978 in Lysekil, Sweden, Nathalie Djurberg is a visual artist celebrated for her evocative clay and charcoal animations. Her partner in this artistic alchemy is Hans Berg, born in Rättvik, Sweden in 1978, a renowned composer whose musical compositions intertwine with Djurberg’s visual narratives. Began in 2004, the duo’s collaborative practice produced a body of work that transcends traditional artistic boundaries, weaving immersive stories through animation, music, sculpture, and installation.



Installation view, Beneath the Cultured Grounds, Secrets Await, SONGEUN Art Space, Seoul, Korea, 2024.
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