Sarah Sze: Metronome: ARoS, Aarhus C, Denmark

May 18 - October 20, 2024
Installation Views
Press release

The mesmerising installation resembles an intricately illuminated globe or planetarium and is comprised of a dense matrix of thin stainless-steel tubing on which numerous hand-torn paper screens are positioned. The structure creates a framework for a dynamic display of ever-changing video images projected both onto the screens and throughout the vast gallery space, echoing the speed and transience characteristic of the age of the smartphone.


"I’ve always been interested in certain times throughout history where our relationship to the way we experience time and space in the world speeds up radically. The invention of the aero plane, the invention of the train, you see really interesting work coming out of that time, in film, visual arts and writing. We are in the middle of an extreme hurricane where we are learning to speak through images at an exponential pace."

– Sarah Sze



Sarah Sze, Metronome, 2023. Mixed media, projectors, paper, wood, stainless steel

© Sarah Sze. 

Photography: Andrea Rossetti for ARoS