Sarah Sze

Linda Norden, 2007

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams.

ISBN: 9780810993020

pages: 224

With her uncanny ability to monumentalize the miniscule and to give permanence to the ephemeral, Sarah Sze has become one of the most original and ambitious artists working today, with solo exhibitions at major art musuems. As the first monograph to span the course of her career including sculptures, site-specific installations, and drawings, Sarah Sze reveals the artist’s working process and gives insight into the thoughtful precision and care that goes into each and every one of her creations.

Elaborately transforming everyday materials into elegant sculptures and installations, Sze eloquently finesses the line between sculpture and architecture. In her essay, writer and curator Linda Norden explores the question of how matter takes on value, both temporally and spatially. With its stunning photography, Sarah Sze makes it clear that the exhilarating and challenging aspect of this artist’s work lies in all of its minute details.