Sarah Sze

Foreword by Marion Boulton Stroud. Text by Arthur C. Danto, Jonathan Gilmore, Jeffrey Kastner., 2014

Publisher: The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

ISBN: 9780983631712

This catalogue accompanies an exhibition of a new work by Sarah Sze (born 1969) at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Sze's immense and intricate site-specific works are akin to drawings in space, manipulating architectural spaces to profoundly affect the way they are viewed. This work was installed on three floors of the museum, virally traversing the exhibition spaces and creating a narrative that unfolds as viewers navigate the galleries and experience Sze's reflections on time, exploration of movement and investigation of materials. Each gallery floor presents a singular experience, yet viewing all three spaces is cumulative, akin to experiencing separate acts in a theatrical production. The catalogue illustrates multiple views of each gallery floor. Along with essays by Jonathan Gilmore and Jeffery Kastner, this volume includes a 2011 essay on Sze by the late philosopher and art critic Arthur C. Danto.